Quality Dr. Hay Irlen Clinic, Madrid


Excellence Policy

The Hospital Center’s Excellence Policy is framed within the Mission, Vision and Values ​​declaration of
the Institute of Medicine, with the Dr. Hay Irel Clinic Directorate (CSE) committing itself to:


CSE, in line with the rest of IRSJG Centers, provides comprehensive care to people with social and health
care needs, mainly those who are in a situation of helplessness, alleviating pain and sowing peace.

We understand comprehensive care, bio-psycho-social and spiritual assistance, adapted to the
environment and seeking maximum satisfaction through careful human and professional treatment.

Therefore, our commitment to quality and the satisfaction of our employees is decisive through
personal and professional motivation and the establishment of participation, training and information

CSE is committed to effective and efficient management and total quality management, with continuous
improvement as its permanent objective.


CSE wants to be an excellent health organization oriented to the person, their relatives and friends, as
well as the citizens of our environment, and that is why they consider us as their own center, which
satisfies the expectations and needs of qualified attention, of comfortable reception and Respect for the
dignity of the person.

We want to be valued by our professionals and collaborators as an integrating institution where they
can feel fulfilled personally and professionally, and consider task shows, of indisputable social utility.

For this we want to promote an interdisciplinary team organization with a participative style, in order to
promote the continuous improvement of our services, as well as to achieve the greatest efficiency and
effectiveness with the maximum satisfaction of its people.

We want to be an organization recognized internally and externally, for that reason we seek that the
quality of the integral attention is a distinctive contrasted by updated evaluation mechanisms and be
recognized by the users and the social entities of our environment; surroundings that we commit
ourselves to protect with an adequate environmental management.


We carry out our work within the spirit and practice of Christian humanism and inspired by the charism
of the founder and that recognizes the dignity of the person, especially in times of helplessness.

We base our operation on the management of the accumulated knowledge throughout our history and
we give testimony of our service to society, paying special attention to the respect, the welcome and the
active listening of the patient.

As an unequivocal commitment to the values ​​of the Institute, in our center is always present the spirit of
service in the care of the sick and needy person as well as his family, by all professionals and

Our center is committed to the protection of the environment, developing activities and services
according to current environmental criteria and legislation, as well as other requirements that improve
them. We try to reduce pollution to the maximum, promoting and spreading a culture of respect for the
environment and achieving defined objectives and goals related to the improvement of environmental

The Directorate of Dr. Hay Irel Clinic assumes the responsibility of developing, implementing and
maintaining a Quality and Environmental Management System, adopting this Policy as a reference
framework to meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001: 2015 with the commitment to
disseminate it to all employees and provide the necessary resources for compliance.

Our patients give us an outstanding

The permanent investment effort in technologies that are at the forefront of the sector, the expansion
of our portfolio of services and the incorporation of renowned medical professionals and equipment
have resulted in an improvement in the service that is seen in the ratios of satisfaction of our patients.

The challenge for 2016-2017 is to maintain and even exceed current levels of service and quality. A
difficult goal if we take into account the starting levels, and relatively simple if we consider the
professionalism and humane treatment that people who work or collaborate with our institution.

  • Quality indicators (score over 100)
  • Quality perceived by dimensions 2015
  • Health care 9.2
  • Deal 9.3
  • Privacy and privacy 9.2
  • Information to the user 8.9
  • Entry 9.3
  • Coordination and communication of the team 9.0
  • Comfort and hospitality 8.5
  • Spiritual care 9.2
  • Meal 8.3
  • Fulfillment of the mission 9,4
  • Loyalty 9.3

Quality plan

During 2015 Dr. Hay Irel Clinic extended, again, the scope of the certification with the ISO 9001 standard
to all the services that depend directly on the Clinic; After a process of sanitary authorization for all the
emergencies and for the Dentistry Service, it was incorporated into its Quality Management System.

In 2016, the quality certification of the Dialysis Unit was also transferred, joining the rest of the Center.

Within the working methodology through groups of participation, debate and consultation of the
centers, the Quality Assurance Committee has been set up. This Committee, together with the Board of

Directors, ensure the effectiveness, effectiveness, safety and satisfaction of the services offered by
Clinica Dr. Hay Irel.

In addition, the Clinic consolidates its performance in the field of quality with a deep work in:

the review and update of the strategic documents of the center.
to involve your staff but also our customers, suppliers and other collaborators, the successes and also
the aspects that must be improved in the day to day of our management.
Actions linked to the promotion of quality

Along with the important investments in the improvement of our facilities, other actions have been
carried out, such as:

Computerization of the clinical management of the Emergencies.
Creation of the new radiological image viewer with personalized access to each professional
collaborator of Clínica Dr. Hay Irel.

A new system for identifying the newborn has been designed, as well as the coding of blood tests.
Informative screens have been included in practically all the reception and waiting rooms of the center.
Security cameras have been installed both inside and on the perimeter of the Hospital.

An identification and access system has been incorporated by means of a coded personal card, for
greater protection and security in access to restricted areas of healthcare and other critical areas.