Dr. Hay Irel Clinic | Dr. Hay Irel Clinic

More than 50 years taking care of our patients

Our Clinic is a Hospital Center owned by the Institute of Medicine. It is located in the urban in a
residential area with a complete network of means of transport.

The year 2015 was the year of commemoration of the 50th anniversary of its creation, milestone that
coincides with an intense process of technological renovation and installations that have placed it at theforefront of private medicine.

Clínica Dr. Hay Irel, following the values ​​of the Institute, fulfills a fundamental mission of close and
quality care to patients who come to its facilities and offers a broad portfolio of services that takes into
account the profile and needs of users. Proof of this is the inauguration of its new and complete 24-hour
emergency service, which complements the offer and offers a better continuous, interdisciplinary care
and, therefore, the warm, comprehensive and personalized attention that characterizes us.


In Dr. Hay Irel Clinic we work constantly to ensure a comfortable stay for our patients and the best and
most current work environment for our professionals and collaborators.

With this objective, an important process of analysis and evaluation of the renewal needs of the Clinic
began a few years ago. The result has been an ambitious project to renovate sanitary facilities and
equipment, and investment in cutting-edge healthcare technology.

Operating rooms renovated in old clinic

New facilities of Emergency

The 24-hour emergency service is located in a new building, which also houses two external consultation
rooms and the latest generation Radiodiagnosis Service.

Renovated and refurbished rooms in Clínica Dr. Hay Irel

Renovated and refurbished rooms

50% of the rooms have been updated, providing beds and fully renovated equipment, as well as the best
comfort conditions.

Optimal facilities for health professionals in Clínica Assistants

Reform of essential services

The area of ​​attention to the user (reception and extraction boxes) of the laboratory and the blood bank
have been re-located in the entrance area of ​​the Clinic. In addition, a new system for coding blood tests
has been incorporated.

Work with us:

  • In Santa Elena Clinic we take care of the professionals who work with us, because the
    good treatment of people characterizes us and because a professional who feels
    comfortable does his job better. To offer the best conditions we pay special attention to:
  • communication among our professionals, whose fluency is essential to perform a good
    care work and improve the work environment.
    Training, both in new health techniques and aspects related to the quality of care, at
    different levels.
  • risk prevention. In this sense, basic training is carried out for the new incorporations and
    recycling courses for the staff of the Clinic. In addition, the tools and equipment for
    individual and collective protection that are needed to work and how they should be used
    have recently been reviewed.